Assignment 5

An Asphodel
In the poem An Asphodel by Allen Ginsberg, he writes of desires and wanting to fulfil them but the reality of being drunk and naked in his livingroom is all he has that night. Loneliness surrounds him with nothing/nobody around but his thoughts. The text puts the emotion of loneliness right infront of the readers eyes and demands to be felt. I personally relate to this because I typically am alone quite often and have a lot of time to myself to think about what I desire most.


The poem Song written by Allen Ginsberg actually hit me the most out of the other poems I read by him because he writes about love, more on that later. Allen Ginsberg writes that love is a feeling that everyone wants. Essentially that everybody longs and desires love regardless of where they’re at in life. He says, ” No rest, without love, no sleep, without dreams of love-” Which just furthers my point that everybody, in some type of way wants love or at least a form of love. However, he does also state, “for the burden of life is love” In his writing, he speaks very raw, honest about how love is. It keeps us awake at night, it weighs heavy on our minds, it even comforts us. Love, in my opinion, is the most desired thing. To pretty much summarize the text, Allen Ginsberg writes about how love is this important feeling that is so desirable, but also is a burden sometimes. I feel like I relate to Song because I’m always putting my heart into everything I do, and in some ways I even want the cliche, generic version of love. The world runs on it.

Wild Orphan

Wild Orphan, written by Ginsberg is a poetic story about a little boy who walks by the river with his mother, but he dreams of a better life. His life where he lives at the time is dull, depressing. Him and his mother were poor and miserable. The family was poor and the boy doesn’t have a father, and feels great grief because he’s lonely. In several stanzas Ginsberg writes about how lonely the boy is. The boy dreams of how much better his life would be if his father hadn’t left and if he wasn’t poor. I resonate with this poem because I myself don’t have a father as well. When I read the text, I felt how heavily the words were packed with sad and lonely emotions, because I relate to that.

* I noticed that these poems are interrelated by the emotion of loneliness. In An Asphodel, the guy drunk in his livingroom is lonely. In Song, Ginsberg writes that loneliness can be compensated with love, and thats why it’s so desried. And lastly, in Wild Orphan, the boy is lonely because he doesn’t have a father. All three poems have words and stanzas about loneliness.

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